Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to the Eczemapedia

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Hello World,

I am Lhea J. -- a 24 year old Eczema Survivor.  Sure, I am a lot of things. I am a writer: essayist, poet, screenwriter and (aspiring!) novelist. I am a sales woman, an editor, unemployed and homeless.

This blog is not just about remedies, prescriptions, allergies and cures. This blog is about to how to handle an 8 hour workday; how to travel with sensitive skin, how to love yourself when you look in the mirror and how to date and love others when you have eczema

Eczema is not contagious. It can not be spread through kissing, sex or physical contact.  However, there is a genetic predisposition and the possibility of passing the rashing-tendency to your children or children's children.

Hopefully this blog helps someone- someone who's child has eczema (how embarrasing in childhood!), some adult who is battling eczema or someone whose spouse has eczema. 

I'm learning how to love me with eczema, hopefully you can love you as you begin to cure your eczema as well. 

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Lhea J.

The Eczema Files: An Encyclopedia for Dry Skin

Table of Contents

1.  A Day in the Life - Eczema Symptoms and Daily Life
2. Brown Eczema - Dermatitis and African-Americans
3. Eczema Files  - Steroids, Immunomodulators & Antibiotics
4. Eczemapedia - A Useful Glossery of Eczema-Related Definitions
5. Happy Housekeeping - Must haves for the Eczema-Free home
6. InSKINcurities - Skin Diseases and Mental Health
7. Lhea's Secret Remedy - Non-prescription & Natural Remedies
8. On the Shelf - Skin-Related Book Reviews
9. Professional Skin - Skin Diseases in the workplace
10. SKINtimacy - Love, Family & Relationships
11. We Are What We Eat - Diet

Lhea J.